What is the Secret to Blogging?

We have heard from so many people over the past few weeks who want to get into blogging. And we are so proud that so many of you are thinking that you may want to become bloggers. That is why we have written this post, and we hope that it can help you as you begin this journey. We hope that the information we give you will ensure that you have a smooth journey as you create your blog and start writing on it for the first time. And we have also created a howtostartablog101 guide for you.

The howtostartablog101 is great because it is going to go into the specifics of what you need to do. What we are going to talk about right now is a bit more of the general aspects to blogging. The nitty gritty details are available for you on the guide to read whenever you get a chance. But we need to give you an overarching idea of how you can succeed in blogging too. That is so important, because you want to go into this endeavor with both your eyes open. You want to be fully aware of what is at stake for you.

The reality is that if you are serious about becoming a blogger, then you will have to work very hard and you may not see the rewards for a while. This is just how it goes. That is why so many bloggers will stay in school or keep their day job, and blog when they have spare time. That is a great way to start, and it is what we did. We are not ashamed to admit that it took us more than a year before we both felt that it was time to leave our regular jobs and start blogging regularly.


It is not easy to build up an audience – this is another fact about blogging that you need to know about. Yes, there are all these bloggers who get tens of thousands of hits on each post. And you may think that anyone can do that. But there are two caveats. For one – these people are the exception not the rule. And the second caveat is that it took them ages to get to that level. And even if they are at that level, they are always scared that their readership will drop off at any moment.

Those who have something unique to say, and really think they could make the world a better place by blogging are the ones we want to start blog sites. If you are someone who is just doing this so you can make money, then maybe you should be looking for another job. If you are a genuinely creative person, or you believe that you have opinions that will help and inspire others, then you are a person who should be blogging. And you are the type of person who is going to succeed at blogging too! We can just feel it!