Fun Things to do in Denver, Colorado

An action packed trip to Denver, Colorado, is what dreams are made of. Denver has something for every walk of life, and every interest, so there is never a dull moment once you hit the city. You can spend weeks in Denver and still not have enough time to experience the phenomenal wonder and fun that make the city so great. Some of the top Denver attractions not to miss includes the following:

  • 16th Street Mall: The 16th Street Mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall with lots of shops, restaurants, and boutiques
  • Breckenridge: If you come to Denver to ski, Breckenridge is one of the places that you will want to be.
  • Union Station: Historic Union Station is worth a visit while you are in Denver. Although renovated, you can still see the history through the walls, and inside, theta history comes alive.
  • Adams Mystery Playhouse: Are you ready to have a little fun in the night? Why not solve the mystery with a visit to Adam’s Mystery Playhouse?
  • Denver Botanic Gardens: Gardens, waterfalls, fountains, plants, and more make the Denver Botanical Gardens a nature-lovers favorite retreat.
  • Coors Distillery: Want to sample the beer and tour the facilities? Coors offers daily tours for Denver visitors.
  • Denver Art Museum: If you are an art lover, the Denver Art Museum will fulfill all your fantasies of viewing phenomenal works of art.
  • Denver Nature & Science Museum: This is a visit great for all ages, but even more fun for the kids.
  • Denver Zoo: Known as one of the best zoos in America, plan to spend the entire day here at the zoo looking at the animals and enjoying the many adventures that are in full swing here at the zoo.